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a lot of heavy snow among higher elevations across portions of oregon, over a foot of snow recorded and a lot of heavy rain. some spots picked up to 15 inches of rain across northern california. unfortunately we deal with mudslides and widespread flooding in california, oregon even into washington. fortunately we have relatively quiet weather through parts of california and portions of seattle. showers across the portions of the pacific northwest. as we head into tomorrow and wednesday we have a new storm system that will be arriving producing a lot of heavy rain, three to six inches. the ground is saturated from the last series of storm systems. this could pose big issues across the areas already hit very hard with all this rain. look at the future radar as we head into tuesday and wednesday more rain. basically the northern parts of the rockies we have snowfall. we'll see snowfall across portions of the west coast but even into the northern rockies. dealing with more moisture across portions of west coast even though we dealt with a number of storm systems. jon, very quickly anoth
moving through parts of the country today. you have high winds and mountain snow hitting portland, oregon. that's what you're seeing on your screen. also colorado, utah, wyoming bracing for several feet of snow. meteorologist maria molina from the fox news weather center. >> jenna, good to see you. not just out west but we expect the same snowstorm to track eastward and produce snow across parts of central plains, upper great lakes and eventually rainfall across the east coast. we have a couple of days we'll track the storm system to produce all kinds of travel headaches for anyone doing traveling coming up with christmas already around the corner. some of you will see a white christmas thanks to the snowstorm tracking east. we have snowlingering across parts of western washington, oregon. eventually the storm will move into the portions of the rockies, dumping snow in the higher elevation. good news for anyone wanting to do sking next couple days across colorado, even utah. look at parts of nebraska, iowa, wisconsin. significant snowfall accumulation out here in the area shaded in blue.
at this hour, oregon police are saying nine people are dead and more than 20 others injured after a tour bus careens off a steep embankment on an icy patch of interstate plunging some 100 feet. the stretch of rural highway is so notorious for its hazards oregon transportation officials have warned truckers there of its potentially dangerous conditions in the past. jon: right now two high profile murder cases are raising questions about the even-handedness of military justice and the news coverage it generates. it was march of this year that army staff sergeant robert bales went on a rampage killing 16 afghan civilians. lesson nine months later he's on track for a military trial and the army has announced it will seek the death penalty. still no trial in a case that seems to dragon forearm me psychiatrist abdel hakim al hasady, the army major accused of killing 13 of his fellow service members at fort hood, texas more than three years ago. why the disparity, and have the media even noticed. let's talk about it with our news watch panel. alan colmes is host of the alan colmes show and author o
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Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5 (some duplicates have been removed)